Three Online Marketing Trends for 2015

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While 2014 may have just ended, savvy business owners and advertisers are already looking ahead, trying to determine what the new year will bring to online advertising and SEO. This may seem a little early, but if you’re looking for effective ways of marketing your company, staying on the cusp of innovation is often an important factor when it comes to determining success. For this reason, whether you’re looking for website design and hosting services or SEO help, it is important to have an idea of what the future might bring, or at least work with online ad agencies who do. Experts have already predicted a number of changes to the industry, so keep an eye out for the possibilities below!

More Measurable ROI Metrics
If you’re trying to learn how to market your business online, you have likely been told that content marketing is a useful way to brand your company in the modern world. Unfortunately, it is currently difficult to understand exactly what effect an online marketing campaign has on the company. Expect this to change in 2015: a number of online ad agencies and SEO marketing agencies are currently exploring multi-attribution techniques and correlations that could help better understand a campaign’s return on investment and measure conversions. Don’t settle for vague explanations this year; instead, look for marketing companies who are interested in determining exactly how their techniques benefit their clients.

Mobile Optimization Will Finally Take Off
Studies show that there are more people using mobile devices to browse the web and search for products than ever before. However, many companies have been slow in taking advantage of this growing trend. There are no excuses left in 2015: expect companies to invest in mobile optimization, and expect online ad agencies to start focusing their efforts on marketing and measuring mobile campaigns. The latter was a particular problem in past years, as mobile devices are more difficult to track and mobile usage is less likely to lead to conversions. Expect the industry to work on this issue in the coming months.

Ad Blockers Will Become a Persistent Problem
A number of techniques now exist to help advertisers filter out automated bot traffic and determine how many viewers actually saw an ad. In the new year, however, ad blocking software will make it increasingly difficult for advertisers to get to their customer base at all. The companies responsible for this software do allow some ads through in exchange for payment, but this impacts revenue for publishers, businesses and more. Because of this, online ad agencies will likely spend 2015 trying to better connect with users through customization and other tactics.

There are a number of ways businesses and internet advertising agencies will likely try to improve the online marketing industry in 2015. Have you seen evidence of any of these trends? Would you use any to help your promote your business? Tell us about it in the comments below! See more.

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