Why Website Design Can Make or Break Your Business

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Here’s the thing: regular old TV, radio, and newspaper advertising is on its way out the door, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop that from happening. Developing a strong internet presence is imperative if you want your business to be as successful as possible, meaning that you’ll have to focus on everything from developing comprehensive online marketing and advertising plans to creating and running smaller projects that build consumer engagement on social media. And all of that starts with something else: building an effective website design for your business which will give you an essential foundation.

Despite the fact that it’s still a fairly new concept for many businesses to focus so much time, money, and energy on the web development process, it’s hard to ignore how quickly an effective website design has become an essential factor in a business’ success (or failure). In fact,

  • A business’ web page design is probably more influential than you realize — about 94% of internet users say that they’ve mistrusted a business or organization because it had a sketchy website design.

  • On the other hand, about 72% of internet users have noted that design isn’t the only factor they pay attention to, and that they give the same amount of weight to online reviews written by previous customers, even if they didn’t know those customers personally.

  • Mobile internet is becoming more popular than ever, and if current data is any indication, there will be about 25 billion mobile internet users by 2021.

  • As the number of mobile web users has skyrocketed in recent years, so has the importance of mobile-friendly websites. The majority of mobile device users are likely to leave a webpage if it takes longer than three seconds to load, and almost 50% of all mobile device users claim that when they see a business webpage that isn’t mobile-friendly, they take it as a sign that the business simply doesn’t care to learn how to advertise effectively or how to promote a product effectively.

  • And research from consumers isn’t the only proof that mobile web is important: 62% of businesses that created a mobile-friendly website stated that they saw a growth in sales, and about 67% of mobile device users are more willing to make a purchase while visiting a business’ website on their phone or tablet if the website has been optimized for mobile use.

There’s no way around it: an effective online marketing campaign absolutely depends on the creation of an effective website design, no matter what your business offers, where you’re located, or who your consumers are. Helpful info also found here.

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