Four Ways Your Restaurant Could Be More Eco-Friendly

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Green options are becoming more desirable for all businesses, but may restaurants have been a little slower to jump on the trend. Companies like offices and retail stores often have more obvious ways to be kinder to the environment, but there are still ways that restaurants can improve their own practices. Here are just a few:

  1. Buy or Grow Locally

    You’d be surprised how many great little farms are hidden away in your area. Some may only be a five minute drive from your restaurant. When you get your supplies from a local farm, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by cutting out the gas and energy it takes to ship such items and keep them cool. You can also have some fun and safe costs by starting a tiny herb or produce garden on your property.
  2. Use Green Products

    More recycled and biodegradable products are available every day, and using them is a great way to cut down on the waste your restaurant produces. Purchased recycled cups, to-go boxes, toilet paper and napkins and try to recycle whatever you can. You can also use non-toxic cleaning products and try to use more items (like plates and glasses) that don’t need to be thrown out.
  3. Use Less Energy

    Doing simple things like shutting down restaurant point of sale equipment, restaurant computer systems, utilities and other things for the night can save you significant amounts of energy–and money. You’re helping the environment while going easier on your wallet. Keeping restaurant computer systems, HVAC equipment and other things up to date is also a great way to make sure they’re not using more energy than they should.
  4. Use Less Paper

    Upgrade your restaurant computer systems so that your restaurant POS terminals can email receipts instead of printing them. Modern systems that incorporate iPads or other devices can also beam orders back to the kitchen, eliminating the need for waitstaff to use paper.

What else are you doing to make your restaurant greener this year? Let us know in the comments!
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