You’ll Never Guess Why Former Employees Are Suing Sony

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In the wake of the hugely-publicized leak of nearly 100 terabytes’ worth of information from Sony Pictures Entertainment’ network security systems, ex-employees of the film company are suing their former employer.

According to a December 16 Gizmodo article, the two ex-employees are filing a class-action lawsuit against Sony Pictures for failing to secure their network security management and thus allowing their private information to be exposed. They claim Social Security numbers, health records, salaries and other pieces of confidential information were all compromised during late last month’s hack.

According to the lawsuit, Sony had been aware of its computer networks’ vulnerabilities mere months before being hacked, but that it did nothing to strengthen their network security, according to Gizmodo. In addition, Sony should have been keen to the possibility of a data breach due to its PlayStation online gaming network already having been hacked in 2011.

The former employees also claim that Sony Pictures was far more concerned with stemming the leak of its feature films than it was to securing employee information in the days following the hack.

“Sony has not … acted to protect its current and former employees,” the lawsuit states.

Sony Pictures’ massive leak is slightly uncommon among data breaches. Typically, companies’ network security systems are breached at the hands of disgruntled current and former employees. In Sony’s case, they were hacked by an anonymous group labeling itself as the Guardians of Peace.

It’s unclear how much the former employees will seek in damages, but judging by the confidential information and internal communications that have been made public, it’s clear that Sony Pictures will be reeling from this hack for a long time.

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