A Short Q and A About Internet Marketing

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For any business owner who isn’t experienced in the world of internet marketing and advertising, the prevalence of digital marketing and advertising tips and the focus on creating an effective website design may seem a bit confusing. So, in light of that confusion, here are three questions (and answers) regarding the basics of effective internet marketing strategies:

What’s the purpose of internet marketing? Quite simply, when you know how to advertise effectively online, you’ll be able to take advantage of a cost-effective advertising platform and reach countless customers. An effective internet marketing campaign will bring more traffic onto your business’s website, and that will eventually lead to better sales and a wider, more loyal, consumer group.

What factors create an effective internet marketing campaign? There are a few trends that tend to take precedence each year, but in the past year (and predicted for the future), businesses should focus on creating mobile-friendly websites and content, as well as high-quality content that encourages audience engagement (like interesting articles and blog posts that can easily be shared on social media websites).

How do we know that internet marketing is going to be so important in the future? For starters, a research group at the media firm Interpublic Group of Cos. calculated that businesses spent about 15% more on digital advertising in 2014 than in 2013, and digital advertising costs are expected to total about $163 billion dollars during 2015, making up about 30% of all advertising costs. Within just four more years, the group predicts that digital advertising is going to make up about 38% of all advertising costs, and it could very well become the #1 platform for advertising spending, knocking TV ads down to second place. Internet marketing and advertising has essentially exploded in the past few years, and although that doesn’t guarantee that it will have an important spot in the marketing industry in the future, the success of digital marketing campaigns seems too great to ignore.

Feeling skeptical about its importance and success? Just think about how often you use your computer, phone, or tablet to access the internet, how often you sign up for store email lists, and how often you communicate with others through social media. Now think about how many millions of people across the world do the exact same things. Refernce materials.

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