Three Ways to Share Files Between Computers

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Computers have continued to play a more important role in our every day lives, and there is no doubt that they have made various tasks much easier for people in all areas of business. They have allowed us to write faster, save files in a more convenient fashion and share information with the click of a button. Before computers were readily available in an office setting, hard paper copies had to be stored in the office and it was much more difficult and time consuming to send files to other locations. Now that computers are a common office tool, there is no need to hold onto paper copies and it takes only a few seconds to transfer files. Today there are a number of different easy file transfer services for sending files between computers, including:

  1. External Devices – External hard drives, such as CDs, DVDs and USB sticks are great way to store information off of a computer. They are also all very small and very light, making them convenient to carry from place to place. People can easily share files from one computer to another through these devices by saving the necessary information to the device and then plugging the device into the other computer. While this is one of the easiest data delivery methods, these external devices don’t always have that much storage space on them.
  2. Over a Network – Computers that share the same home network can also allow for easy file transfer. For example, if a person has data on a computer in their home office but they want to transfer it to the computer in the living, all they would need to do is setup sharing abilities on the hard drive. Once this is set up, the person can go on their living room computer and open up the shared drive under their network settings to access the files from the home office computer. Sharing speed will vary depending on whether the computers have a wired or wireless connection.
  3. Over FTP Server – FTP servers are one of the most common easy file transfer services used by businesses. FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, allows users to share information between servers over a network. FTP lets users share large files, and it also allows them remote access to data. This means that an employee working from home or on a business trip can still download information from the office computer even though they aren’t there. While FTP is a great method of sharing large data, it isn’t a secure file transfer service.

Thanks to computers, sharing information is easier than ever before. Whether using an external device or more specialized FTP server, people today can find a way to share files with others in a number of different formats. Get more info here.

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