Why You’d Be an Utter Fool to Work with a Black Hat SEO Company

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Search engine optimization remains the single most important thing you can do for your company to get it noticed online. After all, 93% of all online experiences still begin when a web surfer punches a query into their favorite search engine.

For many businesses, the only way to take advantage of SEO is by turning to search engine optimization services for help. What many don’t realize is that not all of the 4,900 digital marketing services in the United States, as tallied by IBIS World, offer the same type of SEO company services. Most companies specialize in industry standard services; these are the ones you want to work with. Unfortunately, despite constant Google updates trying to shut them down, many a small business SEO company still uses black hat (re:unethical) SEO techniques to gain their clients temporary visibility online.

This type of small business SEO company will tell you that there is nothing wrong with black hat SEO. They’ll say that Google is just blowing everything out of proportion; however, as you’ll see, working with a small business SEO company that uses black hat strategies can actually ruin your chances of success.

What Happens When Companies Use Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  • Your Content Suffers
  • As About.com’s Money details, the major thing that black hat services get wrong is content. Thinking to game Google’s keyword-driven search system, these services stuff content to the gills with keywords, instead of focusing on the quality of content. You should know that the number one rule of digital marketing today is “content is king.” Consumers want content that educates them or makes them think. This keyword-filled garbage won’t do either, and that in turn will hurt your reputation.

  • Your Rankings Suffer
  • Black hat SEO companies have the amazing ability to improve your search engine ranking in a matter of a few short weeks. Unfortunately, however, once Google discovers how your ranking was improved, they put a stop to it. Before you know it, your rankings are lower than they ever were before. With a majority of web shoppers only paying attention to pages on the first page of rankings, this is going to kill your shot at making sales online.

  • Your Content Gets Removed from Google
  • As Business Insider writes, Google can and will remove your company from their search engine listings. They’ll typically give you a warning in the form of a temporary removal, but if they deem your violation of their marketing guidelines egregious enough, they won’t hesitate to smack you with a permanent ban.

Have you learned the dangers of black hat SEO services the hard way? Share your experiences with us in the comments below. Read more like this.

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