How Satellite Technology is Saving Lives Across the World

Mobile satellite connection

The technology used by law enforcement, emergency assistance, and medical services to help save human lives has come a long way in the last century. Microchips that can be implanted to deliver medicine at predetermined times, nano-trackers that can read patients vital signs and record them wirelessly — these are just a few of the science fiction technologies that have become reality in just the last few years.

One of the most important technologies in life-saving efforts is one that really isn’t that new. Mobile satellite technologies began in earnest when the Russians launched the first satellite, Sputnik, way back in 1957. Today, mobile satellite technologies have grown far beyond the cold war; they’re now used to fight epidemics, keep hikers safe, and much, much more.

How Mobile Satellite Systems Are Saving Lives Across the World

  1. Facebook Uses Mobile Communication Towers to Fight Ebola
  2. As reported in The Telegraph, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook recently pledged 100 mobile communication towers to aid workers fighting the scourge of Ebola in West Africa. These mobile communication systems connect areas without the infrastructure for internet communication with those that do, effectively forming a local network. This has allowed aid agencies to better coordinate their fight against the deadly disease.

  3. Adventure Travelers Use Satellite Phones to Escape the Wilds
  4. The Vancouver-based, a blog and news organization, reports on the increasing use of satellite technologies by hikers and other adventure travelers. Standalone GPS systems are slowly being replaced by GPS systems built into smartphones, but the basic technology remains the same. Well prepared travelers are now better equipped than ever before to help themselves out of sticky situation after they find themselves lost in the wilds.

  5. Rescue Workers Rely on Satellite Systems to Find People
  6. One of the more exciting develops in the world of satellite technology has been the increasing accuracy with which law enforcement and rescue agencies can use satellite technology to find people. Law enforcement has put this technology to use to help track down fugitives, but the implications for rescue workers are even more exciting. With the increasing adoption of satellite technology by rescue agencies, the days of searching for days on end — searches that too often come up short — are quickly coming to an end. By simply performing satellite traces on mobile phones or satellite mapping systems, rescue workers can easily locate those in need and quickly port them to safety.

Do you work for an aid agency that relies on mobile satellite technologies? What do you think the biggest advantages of these systems are? Let us know in the comments below. Find more on this here.

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