Three Ways Online Advertising Has Changed

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In the past twenty years, the internet has changed the way we communicate, the way we learn, and the way we shop. As a result, it has also changed the way we advertise. Take blogs, for example: while buying advertising space in magazines and newspapers used to be a common decision for businesses, blogs now influence purchase decisions 63% more than their paper counterparts. Some may mourn this loss of the print newspaper era, but others will see it as a valuable opportunity to connect with customers. However, with this one change, it is almost impossible not to question how to market a company in this changing world. Read on to learn about other ways the advertising industry has changed, and how your company can take advantage.

Companies Have to Innovate to Work With New Technology
It’s no surprise to hear that mobile devices have taken internet usage and the business world by storm: mobile device traffic now accounts for 16% of all internet traffic worldwide. For this reason, modern companies are often advised to invest in responsive web design or mobile optimization to work with this ever-growing crowd of consumers. By working with a website design and marketing agency, you can create a site that appeals to mobile device users and traditional desktop users alike.

Customers Love Businesses Who Put a Face To Their Name
Marketing your company in the age of social media means connecting with online customers personally, as well as professionally. This means setting up social media accounts, writing a regular blog on your website, and working to interact with your customers. While this can be time-consuming, marketing companies will tell you that your business will benefit from these efforts: studies show that an estimated 20% of Facebook users have purchased something after seeing content about it on the site, and that companies who post on their blogs 21-50 times a month can see a 45% increase in their web traffic. Moreover, only 30% of companies reportedly respond to the feedback their customers provide on social media, giving your business a chance to shine. However, if you’re wondering how to market your business in this way while actually running your company, don’t worry: a website design and marketing agency can often help you manage your business’s new social agenda.

Content is Shifting to Better Appeal to Consumers
Research shows that online content that includes an image gets 94% more views that those without. Additionally, posts with lists get 200% more links than those that do not. Other tactics, such as video, online games and more have also proven extremely effective at drawing consumer attention. Confused about which tactic to use? A website design and marketing agency can help you create an advertising strategy that will appeal to your users.

The world of advertising has changed greatly as internet usage has grown increasingly popular, and it will only continue to do so as the world continues to innovate. While this can create challenges for businesses, it also creates numerous opportunities for them to succeed. How will your company take advantage of the changing environment advertising presents? For more, read this link.

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