It’sTime to Make Your Business Mobile ThreeTips for A Succesful Mobile Website Design

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You run a small business and business is good. However, it could be better if your business had a wider reach. Sure, you have a webpage, but today’s consumers aren’t glued to their laptops. They are constantly using their smartphones and tablets. In fact, mobile device searches account for 30% of all restaurant search engine queries and tablet users make up a whopping 64% of weekly searches.

These are local figures from mobile users looking for local businesses–businesses like yours. To tap into this local market, you need a mobile website that can be easily be navigated by new customers. However, creating a mobile friendly website design isn’t a simple as creating your main webpage. To create a user friendly mobile site, you really need to approach the design from a user standpoint and these three mobile website design tips can help you to do just that.

Use Tap Friendly Navigation Buttons

If you’ve ever visited a mobile website that had teeny, tiny navigation buttons, or hard to use drop down menus, you already know how frustrating this experience can be. You don’t want your customers to have this same experience. Because if they do, it’s very likely that they won’t visit your mobile site again.

Therefore, one of the most valuable mobile website design tips is to make your navigation and menu buttons large enough to be easily clicked with the tap of a finger. To ensure optimum ease of use, don’t stack your navigation buttons too closely together and leave plenty of white space between them to prevent inadvertently clicking the wrong menu or navigation button.

Don’t Use Fancy Fonts or Hard to Read Font Colors

It’s important to make the information on your mobile website easy to read. Keep in mind that at least 50% of all cell phone users are using smartphones with small viewing screens. Non-traditional fonts, that mimic handwriting or cursive, are hard for your customers to read. Stick to traditional fonts so that your customers can scan your site more easily for the information they need.

You should stay away from font colors that are hard to read, such as yellow, light blue, or neon green. These font colors are hard on the reader’s eyes. Stick with black or darker color shades if you desire colored fonts.

Offer Your Customers Additional Ways to Connect

If your mobile website is user friendly, your customers will utilize it when they are in need of your services. However, you can boost your sales and increase customer awareness by adding social media connection buttons to your mobile site. Adding one or more “like us on”,”follow us on”, or “connect with us on” buttons will allow your posts and updates to appear in your customers’ social media feeds.

These social links are an excellent way to put your SEO marketing links to good use by exposing your customers to new products and sales of which they would otherwise be unaware.

These are only a few of the mobile website design tips you’ll need to keep in mind when creating a mobile site. Although you can use these good website design tips to create your own site, it’s best to have a professional website designer create one for you. This will ensure that your new mobile site is as user friendly as possible. To see more, read this.

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