With Cybercrime on the Rise, Securing FTP Becomes Essential

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Using File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, for easy file transfer services is a method that has been used by businesses across the board for years. Not only can FTP transfer large files over a network, but it is now compatible with most operating systems. While FTP is a great tool for businesses, it also poses some risks. FTP in itself is not a secure way to share and transfer information. There are, however, ways that a company using FTP can increase security with this service. Knowing how to secure FTP servers is essential for businesses that want to protect their data from the threats of security breaches. So how can you do this?

How to Secure FTP Servers

  1. Restrict Logon Times – One way to secure your FTP server is by restricting the window of time users can logon to the site. You may limit the access time to only working hours, only weekdays or whenever you would like users to be able to gain access to the server. By restricting the time frame that the FTP site is available, you can cut down on threats from hackers.
  2. Require Complex Passwords and Login Attempt Thresholds- Another way to prevent cyber attacks on your company is to set requirements for password difficulty. This means requiring users to create passwords that contain certain criteria designated by you. Examples of requirements are length of the password, types of characters used, using both uppercase and lowercase letters, and using numbers and symbols in the password. You can also deny access to a user who has made too many unsuccessful attempts to login to the server. By creating a threshold, you can prevent hackers from trying to guess a user’s password more than a few times.
  3. File Audit Software – Performing FTP audits is also a smart preventative measure. You can audit logons to your FTP site, including any unsuccessful attempts to get into the system. Auditing FTP alerts you to any suspicious behavior over the network and can tell you when a hacker is attempting to get into your system. This allows you to act immediately to prevent sensitive information from being stolen.

Securing your FTP server is an essential part of protecting private company and customer information. As security threats become a growing concern for businesses handling sensitive data, preventing cybercrime is more important than ever before.

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