The Top Three Reasons for a Business to Invest in Customer Service

Live phone answering service

For every automated answering service call you are met with, there is another company with live representatives answering the phone; here are three reasons you want to make sure your company falls under the second category:

1. It Makes Your Customers Perceive Better Value

Businesses invest in customer service so that they can give their customers a happier, better experience with the company; that much is common knowledge. What is less well advertised is that customers are willing to invest in customer service for very much the same reason. About fifty five percent of customers in a survey said that they would pay more for better customer service, so improving it will leave your customers feeling that they’ve gotten more for their dollar than they would have gotten from your competitors! On that note…

2. It Draws New Customers to You

No matter how good your company is, if you just have a simple automated answering service and no other customer support infrastructure in place, your customers will be dissatisfied. By investing in live operator answering services, you leave your customers feeling that you care more and able to take full advantage of what your business has to offer. The call handling service you invest in can actually bring more people to your company — about one in six customers said they would consider trying a different brand if it meant getting better customer service.

3. It Makes You More Money

Investing in a live phone answering service might seem costly, but the live telephone answering service actually ends up netting you a lot of cash. After all, if customers are willing to switch to a company with good customer service and are willing to pay more for good service, surely it follows that the company in question would make more money. Companies that invest in their customer service actually end up making something to the tune of sixty percent more than their competitors — how is that for a return of investment? What do you think about the culture around customer service?

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