5 Things to Know About Organic SEO

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If you’re trying to bring new customers to your website, you’re probably drowning in numbers trying to figure out exactly how much to spend on Google AdWords, Facebook ads or other Internet marketing strategies. But there’s quite a bit of evidence showing that you should switch your primary focus to SEO marketing services (your site traffic, as well as your pocketbook, will thank you). Here are just a few facts about organic SEO and content marketing that can help you get started:

  1. People use search engines—a lot:
    You probably know this intuitively, but the numbers reinforce what we see happening all around us. A full 82.6% of Internet users use search engines, more than use social media or other popular advertising venues. The industry (worth $16 billion globally) is dominated by Google, which owns 65…70% of the market.
  2. Users like organic results:
    Paying to be placed in the featured results at the top of Google may be smart, depending on your business. But 70…80% of searchers simply ignore paid ads—meaning it’s important to seek out organic SEO services and boost your organic search engine ranking even if you’re running paid campaigns as well.
  3. Search engine users are quality traffic:
    A study by Outbrain shows that not only are searches the top driver of traffic, that traffic is higher quality than the views your site gets from social media (though of course a social media consultant is a good idea too). This is measured in higher reader engagement (how many pages the user looks at while on your site) and bounce rate. The more engaged the reader, the more likely they are to end up paying for your product or service. About 39% of customers are directed through search engines, according to MarketingCharts.
  4. Content marketing boosts readership:
    Content marketing is using your website to offer valuable information to your reader in the hopes they then become customers. This strategy, according to Marketing Sherpa, boosts traffic an estimated 2,000%. This is actually good news for small business online marketing—the key is real, quality content, not keyword-heavy mumbo-jumbo that gets flagged as spam by search engines.
  5. Inbound leads have a high close rate:
    Inbound leads, where the customer comes to you through strategies such as SEO, are more successful than outbound leads. The close rate for inbound leads is about 14.6%, compared to only 1.7% for outbound. That makes organic SEO marketing services and content marketing solid investments.
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