A Reliable Website Hosting Service is Crucial Here’s How to Choose the Best

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As you should well know by this point, having a great website is crucial to the success of your business in the ever evolving Internet Age. Professional web design, implementing the top eCommerce solutions, search engine optimization: all of these are crucial to putting your best foot forward for your business and attracting customers.

As Huffington Post writes, you not only need to worry about building a great website but finding a reliable website hosting service. Why? An unreliable hosting company can open your business up to security threats, and if they can’t keep your website up at least 99% of the time, you’re going to lose money. With these three tips, you can find a server hosting company that can only help your business succeed.

How to Choose a Reliable Website Hosting Service

  • Decide Between Shared or Dedicated Options
  • One of the first questions you’ll need to answer, as Entrepreneur writes, is whether you want a shared server or a dedicated one. Shared servers are often cheaper, due to the fact that, as the name implies, you’ll be sharing it with others. Dedicated options will give you more privacy and greater control over your hosting needs, but you will pay a premium in return.

  • Know What Operating System the Website Hosting Service Runs
  • Just as shared and dedicated servers come with different measures of control, so, too, do the popular operating systems used by hosting services. As PC Mag suggests, Linux-based hosting setups are relatively cheap, but Windows options give you the ability to run a near endless list of third-party apps that can improve website performance. Here again you need to consider your needs and budget.

  • Of Course, You Need to Consider the Price
  • Naturally, you’ll want to look at the pricing of each service you’re considering. That being said, HongKiat.com warns against choosing a company simply because they offer a low price. If the price is a lot lower than the competition’s, you should be wondering what features you’re giving up in exchange. The trade-off may not be worth it.

Do you run a web hosting and web development firm? What tips would you give business owners looking for a reliable website hosting service? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Find more.

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