The Top Three Major Criteria that Determine Whether or Not Your Texting is Secure

Is texting secure

How secure is texting? Untold scores of people send text messages in every minute of every day, but how safe is the information in those texts? It may not be as secure as you may think. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has established some key criteria regarding what is and isn’t a form of secure texting or secure sms, and you may be surprised to hear that not many forms of texting are compliant with these standards. Here are three ways to tell if your texting is as secure as HIPAA text messaging:

1. Encryption

HIPAA text messaging compliance means that your message must be encrypted both while it is in transit between people and when it is at rest. This means that no one can look at the message when they aren’t supposed to. It’s the first step to texting safety!

2. Recipient Authentication

When you go to decode and read the message on your device, it needs to have a mechanism to ensure that is it you that is reading it. It must be clear if a message has been sent, who it has been sent to and received by, and when it was received. The only person that should be able to receive the message is the intended recipient!

3. Record-Keeping

The texting system must be able to archive the message and information about the message. There needs to be a paper trail available at any time to be looked at! You’d be surprised how many text messaging devices fail to comply with any of these criteria! What do you think about this? Find more:

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