Three Simple Tips to Improve Your Local Search Results

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Local search engine optimization has rapidly become one of the most powerful SEO tools in an inbound marketer’s arsenal. Why? According to recent statistics from Search Engine Land, more and more people are searching for local businesses online than ever before. At last blush, 250 billion localized searches are carried out on Google each year. Needless to say, failing to make local SEO a priority means missing out on billions of chances to have your business noticed every year, not to mention the lost opportunity to earn a chunk of the $1.5 trillion web users will spend online this year.

Of course, not every business is equally equipped to implement a successful local SEO optimization campaign. If you’re struggling to improve local search results for your company, here are three simple tips you can start using today to quickly improve your local SEO optimization.

Three Tips for Improving Your Local SEO Optimization

  1. Use Online Review Platforms to Your Advantage
  2. Online review platforms, like Yelp, are regularly seen as a double-edged blade for businesses. Yes, they can be important sources for generating positive buzz, but they can also be detrimental to a company’s reputation. Regardless, as Search Engine Land writes, you should encourage your customers to leave reviews. If their comments are positive, respond, thanking people for their business. If the reviews are negative, respond, and explain that you’d be more than happy to address the reviewer’s concerns. Either way, you’ll gain PR points and local SEO power.

  3. Be Selective with Business Directories
  4. As the Huffington Post suggests, putting your business information on online business directories is a great way to spread awareness of your brand in local search engine results. However, that shouldn’t be read to mean that you should submit your information to every business directory on the worldwide web. Why? Many directories are considered low quality and even “spammy,” both of which are big no-nos if you want to improve your local SEO optimization.

  5. Optimize Your Website’s Footer
  6. One of the simplest yet most often overlooked of all local SEO optimization tips is using your website’s footer to its fullest potential. As Yahoo! Small Business Advisor points out, making sure your business information appears on each of your site’s pages will go a long way to making you pop in localized searches. This step will literally cost you only minutes, so what are you waiting for?

As you can see, local SEO optimization is important, but it certainly doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these simple tips, and watch as you start to generate more traffic, not to mention revenue, for your business online.

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