Five Common Mistakes in Drupal Website Development

Drupal templates

If you’re looking to make your company’s web page mobile-friendly and responsive for users on smartphones and tablets, try Drupal website development!

Drupal website development is becoming a popular tool for creating web pages due to its ease of use, variety of different options and flexibility. The term “drupal” itself comes from the Dutch word “druppel,” which means drop or water droplet. Administrators can easily alter designs and templates with simple CSS coding, and you can also add and edit pages from a web browser, making Drupal a convenient choice for any company.

However, Drupal design and development has a steep learning curve, and mistakes will happen to everyone. Here are the five most common mistakes that occur in Drupal site development:

1. Not planning: When working with a Drupal developer, having a clear vision of what you want your website to look and feel like is essential. Come in with a set plan, and the process will go easier for everyone.

2. Using the default blocks system: This blocks system should only be used by beginners to Drupal website development. Otherwise, work with your Drupal developers to create a blocks system that works for your company’s vision.

3. Using page templates for each page you create: This will duplicate the code, ultimately making maintenance later on down the road more difficult and time-consuming.

4. Ignoring the basic Drupal functions: They may be basic, but they’re super helpful! The basic Drupal website development functions are there for you to use to your advantage.

5. Ignoring Drupal coding standards: If you try different approaches and styles in your coding, the code itself will be disorganized and other developers’ jobs will be more difficult.

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