Website Design and Development Services Can Give Your Business a Technical Edge

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Technology changes fast. According to research, only 22% of marketers feel like they are able to stay ahead of the curve. A decision facing many new businesses as well as older businesses looking to stay technologically relevant, is whether or not to use website design and development services. In our digital age it is crucial for small and big businesses alike to have a web friendly interface to interact with their customers. In fact, in 2011 research shows that $1.1 trillion of all retail sales involved the Internet. In light of the Internet playing such a key role in a businesses success, here are some tips to consider when deciding if website design and development services make sense for your company.

Responsive Website Design is Important

Studies have shown that a potential customer is 150% more likely to navigate away from your website if it takes more than 8 seconds to load. If your website is out of date this could drastically slow the operating speed and hurt potential new business. This is where website design and development services can come in handy. Creative web design can create a more enjoyable experience for the customer which should promote follow-on website visits as well as increasing the chances of the customer clicking through your site. Over 63% of Fortune 500 companies use high quality images on their website for this very reason.

Use Website Design and Development Services to Create a Mobile Site

Five years ago the need to hire a mobile site creator may not have seemed important. Today, however, the ability for a potential customer to access your businesses website from a handheld or mobile device is crucial to promote traffic to your website. Of Internet users polled, 48% view companies without mobile access websites as uncaring of the customer experience. Website design and development services professionals can create an interface that will allow business and customer to interact from virtually anywhere.

Be Search-Engine-Friendly

SEO or search engine optimization referrers to your websites position in a relevant Internet search. The higher up your company’s website is in the search rankings, the better the chance a user is going to click on your link. Visits to the website help to raise the sites ranking but in order to establish your site as standing out from the herd it is important for an SEO writer to create relevant content to link to your site and increase your click opportunities. This takes time and research that a website design and development services professional will be able to provide.

An experienced website design and development services professional or firm can provide the tools and knowledge your company needs to maintain a technical edge. These are just a couple of the benefits of professional website development and design services. For more information about what a web design firm can do for your company, consult a list of top 10 website design companies.
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