An Interview with Tony Naccarato of CommNet Marketing, Inc.

CommNet Marketing Inc. is a marketing industry success story that has managed to continue growing since its inception in 1995 as a Yellow Pages Advertising specialist company. We sat down with Tony Naccarato, the company’s current vice president and general manager, to talk about the changes that CommNet has experienced over the years.

Mr. Naccarato, CommNet has seen some major changes in the course of 18 years. Could you provide a brief history of the company?

CommNet was started in 1995 as an agency that specialized in the handling of Print Yellow Pages Advertising for national and regional brands. Prior to the Internet, Print YP was the primary medium consumers used to locate “where to buy” information in the local market. The company grew steadily up until 2007, when the impact of Internet search impacted sales. The company never had a formalized new business or lead generation strategy. Leads were obtained by cold calling and or client referral. Cold calling is longer very effective as decision makers screen calls and email solicitations. In 2012 I was brought on board to broaden the company’s portfolio to include digital offerings outside of the traditional print YP and Internet Yellow Pages space.

That sounds like a big job! What exactly does it entail?

I’m primarily responsible for new business development and current account management. I’m also the general agency manager.

What would you say is the biggest challenge in your line of work?

Generating new business leads is critical to our future success. The traditional lead-generating tools utilized five or 10 years ago no longer apply. I have not figured out how to take advantage of today’s technology to fill the sales funnel with prospects.

CommNet Marketing, Inc. is located at 132 Allens Creek Road in Rochester, NY. Learn more about the company online at or by calling (585) 327-3054.

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