Three Things Day Traders Look for in Computers

Trading monitors

Why do day traders prefer to use multiple monitors, desktop computers, as well as day trading systems rather than generic computers from tech stores? Here is a list of reasons why.

First, the average computer has trouble following real time market data. The average computer user, of course, is not really affected by information that is a second or two late, since their overall online experience is not dependent on this. For that user, any computer is fine for their purposes.

For a trader, however, this little time buffer can actually affect selling and buying executions, thereby throwing off profit and loss results. All the data from forex, stock, and futures markets will be off on your display when one uses over the counter computers. It is important to use computers that can support day trading systems.

Second, most traders use multiple trading monitors because it allows them to visually keep track of different time tables, quotes, and charts all at the same time. Some professional traders keep up to eight or more screens for tracking purposes, through three to five is more average. Trading computer systems are best displayed on multiple screens.

Third, for comparing desktops to laptops, desktops are an obvious choice for day trading systems. Trading laptop computers are good for using when there is no other option available, such as when one is on a train or cannot leave the house that day, et cetera. Laptops, however, are not built to be fast, they are built to be small and portable. Again, not an inconvenience for the average user, but a huge issue for day traders.

Laptops have far less potential memory than desktops, and memory is needed in order to have headroom for day trading systems platform apps that need to do intense calculations. For serious and professional traders, 8GB of RAM is the minimum recommended amount of storage, though 16GB is more ideal. Check out this website for more:

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