Why Sponsored Links Don’t Work

Denver search engine optimization

If you are at all a savvy internet user, chances are you have developed the nearly unconscious habit of ignoring the first few links you see in a search engine result page. 80 percent of search engine users have the same instinct. 97 percent of those who use the internet in the United States say they use it to research products online before they buy. Very few, it seems, trust sponsored links during the research process.

So how can a business attract more attention via the internet organically? Uploading pictures of your business to websites would be a good first step. Additionally, adding localized content to your site unique to your region is an excellent way to get increased relevance in search engine results. For example, if a business was located in or even had a location in Denver, Colorado than it should embrace Denver web design. Reaching out to a Denver seo company could help. For specific Denver search engine optimization, a Denver SEO company would want to include things like directions to any and all stores or branches located in Denver or feature reviews from Denver websites and publications.

A Denver SEO company would likely also point out that search engine results are not the be all and end all of internet marketing. Over the past two years, the number of marketers who rank social media such as Facebook as critical or important for businesses has risen by 83 percent. The Denver seo company assisting a Denver based business would be remiss in not stressing the importance of social media, and a Denver SEO company could assist greatly in lightening the load in this regard. Continue.

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