Network Your Homes Systems

Audio visual

Pro audio home automation programs can allow homeowners to control many of a homes functions from a smartphone or tablet. With these advanced network tools, you can adjust temperature, lights and audio systems even when you are not at home.

Networked pro audio visual systems allow users to experience their home audio equipment in any room of their house, and allow users in other rooms to use tv or other devices to customize the entertainment they desire. Multiroom audio systems mean you can have music playing in your whole house or just the room you are currently in.

Another benefit of iLed pro audio networking controls is access to temperature and lighting control. Using a remote or enabled smart phone can allow homeowners to turn on and off their homes lights and adjust the thermostat. This is a very handy feature for those who worry about leaving lights on after they have left the home, a simple login to the system will let you know if any rooms are illuminated when you are not home. Likewise users can raise or lower the thermostat in their home for less energy consumption while they are away.

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