Going Digital For High School Fundraising

Little league baseball marketing

With budget cuts across the board, high school sports marketing has never been more important. Many teams and athletic departments have had to look outside of traditional funding methods to purchase uniforms and equipment for many sports programs. Traditional forms of fund raising like bake sales, just do not seem to cut it anymore. Turning to the internet for high school sports marketing allows students to reach a wider audience with deeper pockets.

Athletic departments are now using many marketing tactics that have been successful in the small business community. Many departments have started original content blogging of game results, recaps and player profiles. They then go on to create social media content to reach out not just to current parents, but alumni as well. Automated internet marketing platforms for email newsletters further increase the reach of high school sports marketing efforts.

Undertaking marketing efforts is useful not only for fundraising efforts. Marketing can also increase community awareness and involvement. With 3 billion emails sent every second, make sure your emails stand out and say something useful, so they do not wind up in a spam box.

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