Trends in Professional Social Media

Professional social sites

With the explosion of social media websites, it is not surprising that social media sites dedicated to specific niches or genres, including professional social networking sites, have begun to become popular. As of 2012, one out of every five minutes spent online was spent on a social networking site.

A popular new site trend among social media sites are sites designed to connect people with certain careers or in certain industries. For example, social media sites exist solely to connect people with careers in science. The site serves as a networking tool, and includes everything from Jobs in science research, to latest science news, scholarly journals online, science events, careers in science, and scientific research articles.

According to site users, one of the best features of a professional social network such as this one is the opportunity to “Crowdsource”, and get opinions from around the world. Rather than updating each other on their day, users hold academic conversations and debates. Professional social networks can also assist in establishing real life connections, especially when they are used to organize events and conferences. People who share a love for or careers in science have the ability to meet other like minded people, organize science oriented events and discussions, and exchange job or career in science information by simply logging into their social media page.

With exciting new social media such as this one, career options, research tools, and discussion options are unlimited, opening a whole new world for scholars and academics.

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