Blogging in Today’s Wolrd

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People write for all kinds of reasons. Some people do it because they have to, some because they want to. I would not say that the categories are so black and white though. Of course, most kids in high school are forced to write and probably do it because of school. Still, I bet there is a small group of high school students that do enjoy writing, and maybe if given certain freedoms would thrive in English classes. Sometimes it seems like school essays are too restrictive, but I am sure in most times teachers have all the best intentions. We should keep in mind that most teachers have to teach to a specific set of regulations, and this I am sure kills certain aspects of creativity. Blogging is a time when anyone can be a writer. Blogging is a great way to express yourself, and the best part is that free blogs are all over the place. I will not go into the steps in how to blog, because in my opinion there are so many different ways to approach blogging. Depending on what kind of blogger you are, you may want to get some advice on the best ways to take on blogging. When you figure out what type of blogger you are, then start letting that creativity flow. Remember that even when writing about something straightforward, there are so many different ways to insert your creativity and personal flair into a blog. Personally I like to look to examples of excellent blogging. Read some great blogs and try to learn from them. Try to even learn from the ones that you do not like. That way you will know what not to do. Blogging can be great fun, so go out and make it fun and personal.

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