SEO reseller, a laison

Seo reseller

Currently, businesses are still trying to recover after the recession. Therefore, they are going to great lengths in order to compete with other businesses that provide the same products or services. An example of one such business is an seo company.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The seo company works to increase website traffic for their client (another company) by writing articles that contain key words associated with the clients website. The more key words from that articles that are typed into a search engine, like google for example, the closer their clients website is to being at the top of a key word search result page.

Ultimately, whomever is paying for the seo services wants their website to be at the very top of the search result page. However, sometimes, the seo company does not have the staff or the funding to provide the services their clients request. Therefore, the seo company has to hire an seo reseller. An seo reseller acts as a liason between the seo company and their client. The essential function of an seo reseller is to find a client for an seo company that needs services in exchange for a fee. Once a client is found and the seo reseller has succeeded in selling the seo services to the client, the owner of the seo company may commission the seo reseller to provide search engine optimization services to the client, if the seo company cannot do it themselves.

Furthermore, by using a reseller, an seo company no longer performs ordinary seo. They now are recognized as a white label company and therefore, provide white label seo. This means that they are use the services of the seo reseller and market it as their own, without their client ever knowing. The seo reseller is never discovered by the client. They work behind the scenes.

There is no denying that competition among businesses is high and will remin high for the unforseeable future. It is imperative that a company takes takes whatever help they can get in order to stay afloat, if not get ahead. If that means hiring an seo reseller to provide seo services, so be it. There is no harm in using a middle man, as long as the middle man knows what he is doing.

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