A Fingerprint Scanner Can Make A Difference

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If there is one area where identity theft cannot intrude, it is fingerprint scanner technology. Every individual has a unique fingerprint that he or she has built up over years of natural use. Your fingers have ridges, curls, and grooves that cannot be mirrored by anyone else. The technology to scan fingerprints instantly has become more popular as it has shrunk down and become more affordable, which is why businesses are now looking toward fingerprint scanner systems as a way to cut back on other security costs and provide even more security to file access than ever before.

There are many different ways that a fingerprint scanner can be implemented into a business, each based on the individual needs of that business. For example, the most common use that you will see for a scanner will be to open a door or panel. These fingerprint scanner systems carry the same amount of external security as card readers, but they also have the added bonus of never being vulnerable to individuals who lose cards, keys, or who may give out their key codes to others. A fingerprint scanner will only recognize the proper fingerprint, and record that fingerprint into a log file so that you will know exactly who has accessed which door or panel, and when.

Another advantage that fingerprint scanner systems can provide is through direct computer security. A scanner system can be connected to a computer terminal through a USB device. These scanners can essentially act as passwords without characters. Your employees will never need to remember a long password, and you will not have to worry about that password being given to anyone else, or stolen by outside sources. A fingerprint scanner can be connected through a device such as a mouse, and be activated whenever an employee needs access to a file, or even to power a terminal on.

As security technology becomes more advanced, solutions like a fingerprint scanner are becoming easier to implement into just about any business. Whether you run a technology firm and you want to keep many of your confidential secrets under a better layer of security, or you own a retail business and simply want to keep better track of your inventory, a fingerprint scanner is an often inexpensive and easy to implement solution that can allow you to get the security and the monitoring you are looking for.

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